Project description

After research, our group was focusing on Creating Good Energy topic, emphasizing that people are important. We developed 5 brands interventions, such as:

  1. The Mobile Cow — as a “brand hero” which will be used in future events where Spomlek participates in like trade shows, exhibitions,  outdoor events and many more.
  2. Infographic — which shows, that producing cheese is a complex process and involves a big group of people, not only the farmers and, of course, involve cows.
  3. Billboard — not a standard one. Our proposition shows what Spomlek produces mostly, but without words.
  4. The Cheese Landmark — a sculpture, which can be a landmark for people, who want to meet somewhere. They can say “let’s meet at the cheese, and then we decide where to go”. It could be also part of playground for children.
  5. Bike Toolkit — big group of employees are going to work by bikes. This toolkit can help them fix their bikes if it has a small fault. They can inflate the wheel, tighten the bolts, etc.

A project by MixSer group:

  • Tomek Rygalik (team leader),
  • Maciej Budzisz,
  • Zsófia Elek,
  • Jeremiasz Rzenno,
  • Gabriela Szałańska and
  • Zsófia Szatmári-Margitai

for Spomlek, dairy cooperative. Project realized within Holis, between 18 and 27 August 2017 in Sobole (PL).

Holis is an educational experiment to foster innovation through interdisciplinary education. Every year it brings students from a wide range of disciplines together to work on real projects with the support of outstanding team leaders.

Holis international interdisciplinary summer university is organised by CODEC, the Co-Design Collaborative in cooperation with Sobole Foundation. Our partners are Dedushkov, Flowers for Slovakia and Scholastika.

The theme of Holis’17 was COMMUNITY THROUGH BUSINESS: “One thing is certain: we don’t want to be just another project trying to help a community for the 15 minutes of fame. A lot of people feel a sense of isolation. Social alienation is one of the top problems in urban and rural environment. This is true for the Lublin Province as well in eastern Poland where Sobole, the venue of HOLIS is to be found. Bringing a community together is a challenging wicked problem especially for outsiders as us. We believe that change should be initiated with the most agile agents. We identified this agents in the local business community. Helping this entrepreneurs to develop their products and services while engaging them with their local community will lead to an impact beyond the outcome of this summer university.” Holis’17

Photos by Gabriela Zofia Szalanska.


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